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Plastic Recycling

As much as five million tonnes of waste plastics are discarded every year in the UK, of which nearly half is packaging. Most plastics do not decompose, which is why they are so harmful to the environment. They either go to landfill where they will remain for centuries, or they litter the planet in other ways that pose a threat to wildlife. This is why plastic recycling is so important.

Willshee’s can help. Whether you’re looking to recycle home or commercial plastic, we offer a comprehensive and effective service to help you do your bit for the planet.

How to recycle plastic

Many everyday plastic items are recyclable. A massive 19.8 million plastic bottles are recycled every single day in the UK, however a further 16 million don’t ever get the chance to be reused. This may partly be the result of the confusion around which plastics can and can’t be recycled across the UK, and why that is.

Several plastic items can be recycled by local councils, but each council’s recycling rules vary. Some will accept harder to recycle plastics whereas others won’t. You should check with your local council to see what they will take. For everything else, there’s Willshee’s.

What plastics can be recycled?

The majority of plastics can be recycled, however it can be difficult to find places which accept some of the higher graded plastics, or tiresome to have to split recycling into several types. Check out our blog post to learn which plastics can be recycled by their symbols.

The only plastics that should be disposed of at landfill are those contaminated or spoilt, for example used nappies, or plastic that has already been recycled one or two times already.

Our plastic recycling service covers both hard and soft plastic materials. We collect your waste plastics and sort them into various grades. These are baled and taken to a plastic reprocessing plant, where they are processed back to pellet form to be remade into something useful again.

When recycling, any foreign materials in the plastic such as pins, tape, or staples need to be removed. With Willshee’s recycling service, these objects are screened out during the process to ensure they don’t end up in the finished product, ensuring no plastics are wasted further.

Why Willshee’s?

Willshee’s are a leading independent domestic, industrial and commercial waste management company with over thirty years of experience. We offer a local service of recycling solutions to businesses and residents in Burton, Swadlincote, Derby, Ashby, Coalville, Leicester and throughout the Midlands. We are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals reach their zero waste to landfill goals.

The resilience of plastic is a problem for our planet, and this is an issue best solved sooner rather than later. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do help you tackle your plastic waste.

And why stop there? Over 50% of waste can be recycled, including metal, textiles, plasterboard and much more. We provide an extensive recycling service covering a wide range of materials. Click here for our full recycling services list.

Our expert team is always happy to discuss your waste management needs. Contact us on 01283 702340 to find out more.

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