Willshee’s Start Collections of Waste Food & Glass

Willshee’s Waste & Recycling has introduced its first specifically designed vehicle to collect segregated waste food & glass.

For over 15 years, Willshee’s have been providing our customers with a trade waste collection service. Recently, we have seen a number of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants open in our region, and this has given Willshee’s sustainable local outlets for the food waste: in April 2018 we put our first bespoke vehicle on the road.

The collected food waste will be sent to one of three local AD plants in our region. Once delivered, the food waste will go through the AD process and produce electricity. The electricity produced will be provided to the national grid, further reducing our customers’ environmental impact.

The mixed glass we collect will be stored at our Burton-on-Trent depot until we reach 26tonne; the glass will then be delivered into a glass recycling facility in our region.

Willshee’s are pleased to introduce this new service to our existing and new customers, and hope that this is only the first of many waste food & glass waste vehicles.

14th May 2018

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