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Spring Cleaning with Willshee’s

This Wednesday officially marks the start of spring, so there couldn’t be a better time to spruce up your home and dust down the cobwebs. A quick spring clean can transform a home, as well as your mood, helping you to live in a more harmonious environment. As people around the globe reach for their marigolds to mark the start of the new season, the Willshee’s team have compiled a list of our top spring-cleaning tips.

Start small

Starting with a small space will help to give you the motivation you need to clean those larger areas later on. Begin by tackling those dreaded junk draws that accumulate in every home. Completely empty the drawer and carefully consider its contents- everything which no longer has a use should go. This will help your once shameful drawer to become organised in no time.

Another small way to begin which should be sure to spur on your efforts is with your handbag. Bags, wallets and purses can quickly become a hoarding ground for receipts, pens and all manner of long-forgotten tatt. Take everything out and sort it by category, being sure to bin anything that’s no longer needed.

Try natural alternatives

Whilst shop-bought cleaning products can be good, you may already have everything you need just sitting in your kitchen cupboards. Say goodbye to the plastic waste of premade cleaning goods and the toxic chemicals they contain by creating your own natural products. Lemon, bicarbonate of soda and white wine vinegar are the perfect mix to tackle all manner of dirt.

Oust stains with lemon

You may have been struggling to get a mark out of your sideboard for months but, the answer could have been sat in your fruit bowl the whole time! Before chucking away stained chopping boards, or painting over stains, try rubbing lemon over the mark in question. For an extra clean finish sprinkle the lemon with salt.

Check your cosmetics

A quick way to help your home feel decluttered is by checking through your cosmetics. Most products come with an expiration date, and ditching those that have exceeded theirs will instantly free up space.

Refresh bookshelves

During winter the books can pile up, as Christmas gifts flood in and we spend those cold nights in reading new books. It’s worth taking a few minutes to reorganise your book collection, donating any previously read ones to charity or a friend.

Update your wardrobe

We naturally change the clothes we wear as we transition between seasons and the weather (hopefully) gets warmer. As you begin to put winter clothing back into hibernation, consider how much you wore each item in the previous months. Anything that hasn’t had a recent appearance can be donated to charity or recycled.

Don’t forget your shopping bags

At Willshee’s we are passionate about helping the environment, however those reusable shopping bags we all have can quickly become homes for dirt and bacteria. Show them a bit of love this spring by giving them a quick run through the washing machine. To make sure you get out any lingering bits of food, turn the bag inside out.

Head outdoors

With warmer weather hopefully rearing its head soon, why not spring clean your outdoor furniture? Cleaning down patio chairs will break the monotony of indoor cleaning and generate excitement for the season to come. It will also help you to identify any broken furniture which has had its day before it comes to barbecue season and people are left without seats. Look into recycling any faulty furniture and hire a skip to discard larger items.

Let Willshee’s help

With a range of recycling and skip services, Willshee’s are here to help with your spring clean. Whether you want to recycle goods you no longer need, or need a skip to help you have a proper clear out, we can help. Simply give us a call on 01283 702 340 to see how we can help you.


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