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Recycling Launched to an Interesting New Level

This weekend, Willshee’s were proud to host Virgin Money at our premises: one of our waste transfer stations was transformed into a film set for the launch of the brand new Virgin Money Credit Card designs! The credit card designs feature artwork from The Sex Pistols, and in keeping with the theme, Virgin Money wanted their promo campaign to involve a television throwing contest: the #bigtvthrow.

Building a catapult for launching old TVs

The project involved the designing and building of a catapult that was capable of launching old, end-of-life televisions over a purpose built hotel facade to simulate them being thrown out of a hotel window – the practice often associated with the Rock and Roll stars of the Sex Pistols era.

A huge catapult was created that flung the televisions over the top of the imitation hotel facade onto the ground, where they smashed dramatically. Different people then took turns to fling a TV.

It was a great bit of fun and the perfect way to advertise the new punk era-style credit card designs from Virgin Money.

Of course, all the TVs were already redundant and unusable, and Willshee’s made sure that they were all disposed of and appropriately recycled afterwards.

Willshee’s provides state-of-the-art equipment

Willshees’ waste transfer station was the perfect location to shoot this film, as Willshee’s owns state-of-the-art waste management equipment and employs professional staff who work to strict health and safety regulations. We also had the facilities to properly dispose of all the old televisions after the stunt had been pulled.

Craig Willshee from the team at Willshee’s commented ‘’as you can imagine, it was quite a strange phone call we received – but we accepted the challenge nonetheless and the outcome was a great success.”

The shoot was a great day for all involved – and was something a bit different to your average working day at Willshee’s!

You can watch the video here!:


Willshee’s manage a range of waste streams at their Zero Waste to Landfill facilities across the midlands, on behalf of their broad range of clients. They are continuously expanding to meet their clients needs, investing in the latest equipment and staying abreast of all the latest developments in the waste disposal industry.

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