New Road Sweeper

Willshee’s has expanded its fleet with a significant investment in a brand new DAF road sweeper.

It is now available to hire for routine industrial site maintenance cleaning, infrastructure on new housing developments and also emergency requirements from local authorities or private companies.

Operations manager Gary Frost is delighted to be able to offer another new service to customers.

He says: “Willshee’s is a brave company and we are always looking to enhance our offer to customers and invest in new opportunities. We have three drivers qualified for this specific vehicle and so we are able to fulfil urgent call outs as well as regular bookings.

“For example, one key area will be with house developers where top soil and other construction products are being moved in large quantities on a daily basis leaving potential debris on the highways.”

For more information about our new sweeper or any other service, please call us on 01283 702340

2nd July 2019

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