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How to Up Your Recycling Game at Home

With 2023 set to be the hottest year ever recorded, according to the Independent, it’s never been more important for us to recycle at home. But that doesn’t just mean washing out our plastic containers and leaving them for curb-side collection. 

Recycling can refer to a whole manner of different things, including reusing, repairing or donating unwanted items. Recycling covers a variety of different methods, so we’re on hand to help you recycle from the comfort of your own home.


Read the guidelines on products you want to recycle

Although you might have the best of intentions to recycle something, it’s not always possible. How you dispose of an item will usually be outlined on the product itself or somewhere on its packaging. Read the requirements before throwing it into the recycling bin. This is because that item might not be recyclable. If you place it in a recycling bin, you’ll be contaminating the rest of your recyclable waste.

If your local council won’t take the item, then your local recycling centre, or even your local supermarket, will have the facilities to recycle that product. Alternatively, you’ll be able to look to waste management companies, such as us here at Willshee’s. We are committed to recycling 100% of the waste we collect. If you’re having trouble recycling items, then the experts at Willshee’s will be able to help you, even if we offer you some professional advice.


Aim to live by the “clean & empty” mantra

While this might seem a little too difficult to achieve, it’s actually relatively simple and it’s an effective recycling tactic. Why? Because you’ll be buying less and, therefore, wasting less. If you don’t have any waste to recycle, then this is even more beneficial for the environment. On the other hand, if you do have recyclable waste, make sure you have the right bins on hand and separate your waste accordingly. 

Not only does it make it easier for you to recycle, but it also makes it easier when putting the bins out, ready for curb-side collection. In addition to that, you need to make sure that your recyclables are washed out and free from any food debris. Living a minimalist lifestyle will make it less likely that you’ll acquire more things. But it also makes recycling that bit easier.


Share & donate

If you have an item that you’re looking to get rid of, donate it to a charity or share it with friends and family. This is a great way of keeping waste to a minimum. Even your leftover food can be given to family or friends. If you have food in the cupboard that is in-date, but that you’re not going to use, then donate it to a food bank or another charity, like a homeless shelter. 

The same goes for clothing and electricals. Charity shops will accept most things, but make sure you read their rules on what they can and cannot accept. From electrical equipment to mugs, donating items to charity not only gets rid of things you don’t want, but it also raises money for the charity. In addition, it gives someone else the chance to acquire your pre-loved goods for a fraction of the cost.


Keep lids attached to bottles & jars

This might seem counterintuitive, but keeping the lids on will stop those small items from jamming machines or becoming lost along the way. If this happens, then they won’t be recycled and will, actually, end up in landfill. When it comes to plastic bottles, however, make sure you flatten the bottle before putting the lid back on. 

This is because plastic bottles will be flattened in the sorting process. So if the lid is attached, it will go flying, potentially hitting a worker. For safety reasons, only put the lid back on your plastic bottles once they’re flat. Keeping the lids on will also stop other materials from falling into the bottles or jars, which can be problematic for the recycling facility.


Flatten your waste items down, where possible

You don’t have to flatten all of your recyclables, but cardboard boxes, for instance, need to be broken down. This also helps you to fit as much into your bags, bins and/or boxes as possible. Depending on your council, you may have limited containers in which to put your recycling. Therefore, people will make the most of the available space by flattening materials down. You could also get the children involved, because breaking down items could make for some free fun.


Beware of black plastic items

Although we see less black plastic in circulation today, it was a popular container for food especially. The reason why they’re so bad for the environment, despite being plastic, is the very fact that the plastic is black. 

The machines cannot pick up the colour ‘black’ on the system. Therefore, black plastic cannot be processed as other plastics would be that aren’t black. If you’re buying something with black packaging, look for alternative packaging if you want to recycle responsibly. 



Willshee’s is a dedicated waste management company with a team of highly-experienced, fully-trained experts who can always be counted upon to provide both domestic and commercial clients with a wide range of different waste management solutions. From skip hire and hazardous waste removal to recycling services and site clearance services, we can help with any waste management project. For more information about our waste management solutions, whether you’re a business or at home, get in touch with a member of our professional team today – we’re always pleased to hear from you.


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