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Willshee’s Adds Biomass Boilers and More to Its Equipment Stock

Over the last 6 months, Willshee’s has invested in some exciting new equipment, including 2 biomass boilers, which have allowed us to use waste wood from pallets to create heat and energy. Read on to find out about all our exciting new equipment…

Biomass Boilers & Drying Floor

Over the last few months Willshee’s has been granted a biomass permit from East Staffordshire Borough Council, allowing the company to burn “A” grade wood, and acquired two biomass boilers at our recycling centre in Burton. This is significant achievement as the depot is located in a smokeless zone. the company has also received accreditation from Ofgem for the boiler which allows the company to claim the RHI tariff.

The 999kW boilers are fuelled mainly by broken pallets (A grade wood). Water is heated by the boiler to the required temperature and goes through a heat exchanger, then via the ducting system goes directly into our drying floor, designed with two bays.

The heat (hot air) generated from the boiler will be sold to customers who have a requirement to either remove / reduce moisture in their wood chip prior to onward sale. The installation of the boiler drying floors moves Willshee’s closer to our target of becoming a carbon neutral business.

Titan Walking Floor Trailer

Due to our ongoing success we have recently taken the opportunity to add trailers to our walking floor fleet. These additional trailers will allow us to increase our capacity whilst removing older heavier ejector trailers from the fleet.

The increased capacity offered by the Titan lightweight walking floor has given significant financial savings and makes up part of our ongoing trailer fleet renewal policy.

Doppstadt 256 Ceron Wood Shredder

As the UK biomass infrastructure continues to grow, Willshee’s has seen the requirement for high quality clean shredded wood (biomass) increase significantly. In order to accommodate this increase and satisfy customer demand, in June Willshee’s purchased and commissioned a new Doppstadt 256 Ceron wood shredder.

The Ceron shredder has the capacity to shred 35 tonnes of wood per hour and will give us the ability to provide an increased amount of biomass to new and existing customers over the coming years. the new shredder is very much a part of the company’s growth strategy.

State of the art aggregate separation plant

Earlier in the year, Willshee’s invested in an aggregate separation plant, consisting of a Powerscreen Warrior 1400 and a Westeria Air Basic. The new Powerscreen enables Willshee’s to grade the material into 3 fractions: minus 10mm subsoil, 10mm to 40mm clean stone and + 40mm aggregate for crushing.

The 10mm to 40mm material passes through the patented Westeria windsifter technology, which boasts a powerful process for separating light and heavy material. This ensures that stone is free from any contaminates. This new recycling technology shows Willshee’s commitment to recycling at the highest standard.

Mobile Compaction Vehicle

Willshee’s has also increased its mobile compaction fleet. The new bin lorry is fitted with on-board weighing equipment: once the bin has been weighed the information is automatically sent directly to our Waste Logics software, in real-time.

The automatic weighing system allows Willshee’s to accurately record our customer’s weights and charge for bins over an agreed weight.


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