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How to Recycle More in the Workplace

Nowadays recycling is part of most people’s day to day life at home. We know what day our recyclable waste is collected and in which bin we should place it. But it is something which is easy for us to disregard when we get to work.

However, recycling in the workplace has the potential not only to help save the planet, but to save your business money. With the cost to send waste to landfill constantly increasing- it currently stands at around £82.60 per tonne- companies could save thousands by opting to recycle instead.

As if that weren’t incentive enough, workplace recycling is also a key part of corporate social responsibility for businesses. Making proactive steps towards reducing waste will demonstrate that your business contributes to improving society through. Promoting your business’ philanthropic ways will also help to boost shareholder trust and increase long-term profits in an ethical way.

The advantages of recycling at work are clear, so once you’re ready to take the plunge, Willshee’s are here to help. As well as our comprehensive range of recycling services the team have compiled their top tips to introduce recycling habits into the workplace:

The first step is to conduct a waste audit of your workplace. Address your current waste management system and identify what is already being recycled and what is being discarded that has the potential to be recycled.

Research what can be recycled. Make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest guidelines when it comes to what is recyclable, these can vary from location to location, so check your local council’s website for accurate advice.

Educate people. Help those you work with to understand the importance of recycling in order to encourage them to do so.

Create a committee. The best way to ensure that you’re recycling efforts are successful is to get as many people as possible on board. Establishing a committee designated to recycling will also act as positive team building for your business.

Keep records of what is being recycled. This way if there are any updates to local recycling guidelines you can easily make any appropriate changes.

Make it fun. Incentivise people’s recycling efforts by adding some excitement to the process. Introducing prizes for the top recyclers in the office is sure to get people heading for the recycling bin!

Assess your recycling efforts. Once your recycling scheme is up and running explore what is working well and what could be improved. Experiment with how your office could cut down their waste creation even further by encouraging plastic free lunches.

Here at Willshee’s we are here to support all your recycling needs. Take a look at our recycling services to see how we could help you. If you would like any more information get in touch with the friendly and professional team by calling 01283 702 340.


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