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Bulk Recycling Services

Waste management is all about adjusting for size. Willshee’s bulk recycling service has been designed with versatility in mind. No matter how much waste you need to deal with, Wilshee’s will deal with it with speed and efficiency.

We are accredited to ISO 14001, and part of our adherence to this means that we always aim to recycle all waste that can be recycled. We work to ensure we live up to our reputation as environmentally conscious. One of our aims as a waste management business is to promote recycling and help individuals and businesses recycle as much as possible. We want to help you hit your recycling targets, for the good of the environment.

Willshee’s handles 1000’s of tonnes of commodity a year, arranging collections from all over the UK. With our fleet of vehicles we can handle all quantities of collections, large or small, using our truck mounted forklifts.

Ready to help you recycle

Businesses of all sizes can produce a significant amount of waste that will need disposing of. Willshee’s can collect bulk bales of recycling from anywhere in the UK, from small quantities to full trailer loads, from micro bales to mill size bales. The advantages of having bulk bales is that they have the potential for you to earn money from your waste.

If you produce large amounts of cardboard/paper or plastic then this may be the perfect solution for you. Willshee’s can audit your site and tell you exactly what would be suitable for you, we will provide the baling equipment and help you to maximise your recycling, increasing your business’s efficiency.

A huge variety of services

Our service is versatile and all-encompassing to ensure that you can always get rid of the waste you need to. These are the ways we can help you with your recycling needs. Have a look at the services we offer:

  • Segregation bins from wheelie bins up to roll on/off containers
  • Collection of baled materials (any quantity/size of bales)
  • Stand trailers for bulk removal
  • Scheduled or call of collections
  • Obsolete packaging recycling
  • Outlets for all grades of paper/plastic
  • Prompt payment for materials collected

Always happy to help

At Wilshee’s we make sorting out your bulk recycling needs easy, but if you have any questions then get in touch. To discuss your individual requirements please call us on 01283 702340 or email at sales@willshees.co.uk

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