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Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard is used in the packaging of so many different products, so it’s unsurprising that we all have so much cardboard waste to get rid of. The UK goes through around 12 million tonnes of paper every single year. The good news is that it can be recycled easily, especially by an effective and comprehensive cardboard recycling service, like the one we offer here at Willshee’s.

Willshee’s has been in the waste management business for over 35 years and we have developed our service to be equally effective at both bulk and smaller amounts of waste. Get in touch with us and let us deal with it.

Why recycle cardboard?

Recycling cardboard and paper saves energy usage and prevents it from going to landfills, where it will just sit there rotting, producing methane. We aim to help individuals and business with their cardboard recycling needs.

Willshee’s provide a full cardboard recycling service for domestic, industrial and commercial customers throughout the Midlands, including Burton, Swadlincote, Derby, Ashby, Coalville, Leicester and further afield.

We are accredited to ISO 14001, so it is our intention to recycle all of the waste that we possibly can, including cardboard and paper.

Convenient and effective service

We can come and collect your waste and remove it from your property, leaving your home or business looking neat and tidy again. A tidy business is important to both employees and customers, and for its public image.

All cardboard and paper collected is sent to paper mills where it is graded, sorted, pulped and then reprocessed back into a number of different products. Non-cardboard or paper items, such as paper clips, staples and pins are screened out during the process to ensure they don’t end up in the finished product.

To discover the full range of items that we can recycle please visit our What We Recycle page.

If you require a bulk recycling service then this is something that we specialise in, as we can collect bulk bales of recycling from anywhere in the UK, from small quantities to full trailer loads, from micro bales to mill size bales. Our service is designed to be versatile and apply to a number of different sites and amounts of waste, to make things as simple as possible.

Get in touch today

We are always happy to discuss your waste management needs. Please contact us for all cardboard recycling queries on 01283 702340.

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