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Coastal Cleanup Day with Willshee’s

What is Coastal Cleanup Day?

This Saturday marks Coastal Cleanup Day. You may be a veteran of this annual event or you might never even have heard of the international initiative, but it actually began over 30 years ago. Inspired by a report on the amount of waste in our oceans, ocean conservationists, Linda Maraniss and Kathy O’Hara, decided that something had to be done. Together they launched the first ever Coastal Cleanup Day in an effort to help protect our shores and coastlines against pollution.

International Coastal Cleanup Day has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Texas. On the 15th September each year, hundreds of thousands of volunteers from over 100 countries now comb lakes, rivers and beaches across the globe. Since its conception more than 12 million volunteers have collected over 100million kg of waste and there is now even an app to track your waste collection! Willshee’s are proud to support Coastal Cleanup Day which is why we offer a comprehensive range of recycling services so that, together, we can help to make a difference. This Coastal Cleanup Day, let’s remind ourselves exactly why the movement is more important than ever.

Why Does it Matter?

The ocean makes up 70% of our planet and is one of our most valuable natural resources, yet the way in which we deal with discarded waste continues to pollute our seas and shores every day. From poorly disposed rubbish to chemical dumping, the ways in which we pollute the sea are vast, and modern life continues to not only damage the quality of our seas but endanger the life within it. It was only as recently as the 1970s when waste was deliberately dumped in the sea! And, although we like to think that our waste disposal systems have improved substantially since then, the amount of plastics produced has also increased. Over 8million tonnes of the waste we throw away is plastic, meaning that no matter how we dispose of it, it will never biodegrade.

What Is the Problem?

Since the first ever Coastal Cleanup, the most significant improvement has been the growth in awareness of the importance of recycling. But, as the amount of waste we produce continues to increase, so do the threats to our seas. Whilst those of us who don’t live near open water may think that this doesn’t apply to us, it turns out rubbish does not have to be thrown directly into the water, or even near it, to end up there. The negative effects of humans on the sea are already devastatingly palpable- there is now an island made up of waste twice the size of Texas is in the Pacific Ocean. And if that’s not enough to get you reaching for the recycling bin, over 1million seabirds die yearly as a result of pollution, 300,000 dolphins and 100,000 sea mammals, meaning our waste is endangering the lives of some of the planet’s most precious species.

How Can We Help?

This is why at Willshee’s we are supporting Coastal Cleanup Day and encouraging recycling every day of the year. It’s not just on this day when we can make a difference, which is why Willshee’s provide a range of recycling services all year round. We understand plastics are one of the biggest obstacles for our seas and environment, so work particularly hard to offer a comprehensive plastic recycling service. Whether it’s hard plastic or soft, it’s no problem for us here at Willshee’s. In fact, to make it as easy as possible for you to be an environmental hero, we even come to you to collect your waste! For more information about how you can make a difference with Willshee’s this Coastal Cleanup Day check out our full range of recycling services.


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