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Willshee’s Adds Grab Vehicle to Fleet

Even the neatest and tidiest of sites can end up with a considerable bulk of waste. There are a number of solutions when it comes to clearing this wastes and one of our favourites here at Willshee’s is a grab vehicle.

That’s exactly why we’ve just added even more to our current range of these impressive machines. Combining the versatility and mobility of a regular automobile with the storage space of a skip and the ability to reach out further than the average human arm, grab hire is an efficient solution to a sometimes troublesome issue.

What Are They?

Grab vehicles essentially do exactly what is sounds they do, grab. For areas with a fairly large amount of waste, grabbers are ideal. In a swooping motion substantial levels of waste can be picked up and placed in the dedicated storage area.

Much quicker than manually digging, spading or handballing dirt or bricks, our range of vehicles maximises efficiency, productivity and quality, particularly with clearance sites.

What’s So Great about Them?

Whether it’s general waste, trash and rubbish, soil or concrete, grab vehicles are capable of transporting up to 16 tonnes at any given time. Combined with a reach of seven metres, removal and management is enhanced significantly.

As an added bonus, grabs are often more cost effective than skips. There is no permit to obtain and they can get to certain places quicker and easier, such as hedges, fences and walls.

Making the Difference

Our employees have been specially trained to operate our fleet of grab vehicles and have the relevant knowledge and experience to ensure jobs involving the vehicles are carried out effectively and with complete satisfaction from all parties.

Thanks to our very own dedicated recycling facilities and zero landfill policy, an very big majority of all waste taken from site is converted into refuse derived fuel or new materials. Being productive and eco-friendly are two traits we very seriously.

To find out more about our grab hire services contact us today via phone on 01283 702 340 or email us at sales@willshees.co.uk.

Alternatively fill out a contact form.


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