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First class results for Linden

Congratulations to Linden Richards who has recently gained his Class 1 articulated vehicle licence which he has worked hard for over the last two years.

Since joining Willshee’s in early 2018, Linden has been delivering a top class service and is also very passionate about customer service. He said: “I don’t just want to be seen as a driver. I believe part of my job is to be the face of the company to our customers and talk to them about our full range of services. If I get to know their requirements I can offer them other solutions, which they might not have thought of before.

“Training for my Class 1 has been hard work, but I always strive to push myself to be the best I can be. I thoroughly enjoy working at Willshee’s and want to continue to bring in new work to increase our customer base and I love driving a range of vehicles to service their needs.”

Linden Richards


Gary Frost, operations manager, commented: “We are always very proud of our employees when they strive to improve their skills and gain qualifications in their chosen field. Linden is a great team player and I am especially pleased with the Driver Leads he has provided, one of which has been converted into a contracted customer.”


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3rd October 2019

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