We are operating as usual!

We are applying the recommended health and hygiene practices to all aspects of our operations and we standby ready to help all of you with any waste management requirements, whether they are existing arrangements or additional services.

Zero Landfill / Energy Recovery

We believe in the good that zero to landfill can achieve, and we will gladly help your business in its pursuit of this. With the investment in several pieces of purpose-built recycling machinery, Willshee’s is able to help customers to fulfil their zero waste to landfill ambitions.

We will turn all residual waste into fuel. Over the last year Willshee’s has processed over 40,000 tonnes of waste and diverted it from landfill – that’s almost 400 blue whales of waste that we have helped customers save from landfill.

We produce fuels, to our clients’ exact specifications, from residual waste, using a range of processing techniques including sorting, trommelling and shredding. The resulting products are used to generate energy at recovery facilities, helping customers to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and avoid landfilling this residual waste.

Refuse derived fuel

Refuse derived fuel is made from domestic/commercial waste, which includes biodegradable material as well as plastics, and has a lower calorific value than solid recovered fuel. Refuse derived fuel is used in combined heat and power facilities, many of them in Europe, where they produce electricity and hot water for communal heating systems in the local area.

Compared to landfilling, the lower carbon emissions resulting from this approach to processing waste far outweigh the emissions associated with transporting the reclaimed fuel. We are able to use our network of facilities and ports to supply this material to customers both in the UK and in Europe. We are experienced in the production, transport and testing of these products and we will tailor them to individual customer needs.


Our new sawmills site is used for wood recycling. This involves taking life expired timber, such as used pallets, packaging waste streams and construction materials and chipping them down. We removing all ferrous and non-ferrous items with several magnets, shredding the wood down to a small chip. The material is then distributed to various energy plants that are using biomass to generate electricity.

By carefully managing our processing operation we can tailor-make material to conform to a very specific criteria, catering to different fraction/particle sizes, moisture content levels and blends to create an engineered chemical composition in line with our customers’ needs. This material is ultimately used to produce green renewable energy from a sustainable source; by doing so, we are helping to ensure that this material is diverted from landfill.

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