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We are applying the recommended health and hygiene practices to all aspects of our operations and we standby ready to help all of you with any waste management requirements, whether they are existing arrangements or additional services.

What We Recycle

Willshee’s offer a wide range of recycling in Burton, Derby, Swadlincote, Tamworth, Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham and throughout the Midlands. An environmentally conscious company, Willshee’s will deal with your recyclables.

Discover what items we can recycle below:

cardboardCardboard and Paper

All cardboard and paper collected is baled and sent to paper mills for reprocessing back into fibre based products.


Waste wood is chipped at our Sawmills Recycling Centre and is 100% recycled. After the load is tipped the materials are graded to determine the correct recycling route whether it be suitable for animal bedding, panel board or biomass. The process removes any metal from the wood which is then recycled.


All grades of metals are separated and sent to metal recycling facilities where 100% is recycled. Metals are fragmentised or smelted and once melted sold to various sources to be manufactured into new metal products.


All hardcore/concrete waste including ceramics is 100% recycled. Hardcore is crushed and screened prior to being reused as a secondary aggregate.


Plasterboard is bulked and taken to a plasterboard recycling centre where 100% is recycled. The paper is stripped and made back into fibre based products. The gypsum is crushed and ground down and then mixed with new gypsum to make new plasterboard.


Plastics are sorted into various grades where they are then baled. The bales are forwarded to plastic re-processors where they are processed back into pellet form.

greenGreen Waste

Green waste is taken to a composting facility where 100% is recycled. The green waste is mulched and composted before being used as a fertiliser on agricultural land.


All soils are 100% recycled. After screening, soils are sent for engineering material and also used as recycled topsoil.


Textiles are sent for further segregation at textile recycling facilities. Where there are markets for these materials, they are reused with the remainder recycled.

Picture 044Residual Waste

All general waste is machine sorted and then processed through a manual picking line to ensure that the maximum amount of recyclable material is separated. On average 94% of the residual waste is sent to waste to energy plants for use as refuse derived fuel. It’s incredible just how much of the waste we deal with can be reused.

Please contact us for more information on our great recycling services offered in Burton, Derby, Swadlincote, Tamworth, Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham and throughout the Midlands.

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