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How to Have a Waste Free Halloween

Like any celebration, Halloween naturally generates a large amount of waste. Whether it’s sweet packets, chocolate wrappers, decorations, or the costumes we wear, come the 1st November, our bins are often heaving with the junk left behind. But with pressure on the environment mounting, it’s important that we make an effort to reduce the amount of waste we are creating.

Luckily, it’s still possible to have a fun-filled Halloween without the waste! At Willshee’s, we are dedicated to tackling waste. So, this Halloween we have compiled a list of ways that we can help reduce our waste whilst still enjoying the spooky celebrations.

Make decorations from materials you already have in your home

It’s easy to pop to the local shop and pick up a handful of Halloween decorations, but these poorly-made accessories are usually done with before the end of the night and headed straight to the tip by breakfast. Spend a little bit more time (but less money!) by making your own. You can even use pre-used paper, simply paint it any of the creepy colours from the Halloween colour palette.

Bake your own sweet treats

A great way to save money and reduce waste, baking your own treats to give to visitors can also be great fun. Although shop-bought snacks can be delicious, they usually come in a great deal of packaging, so get the kids involved in afternoon of baking instead.

Rework old Halloween costumes

Nobody wants to dress up as the same creepy character each year, but before disregarding last year’s costume why not consider how it could be altered to create something new? If DIY isn’t your thing, you can even hold a pre-Halloween party and invite friends to bring round and swap their old outfits.

Adapt clothes in your wardrobe

If time is of the essence, look in your own wardrobe to find a costume solution. Simple black clothes can make an effective Halloween look with make up doing all the work.

Visit your local charity shop

Of course, not every wardrobe has something that would be right for the occasion. But knowing that you will probably never re-wear your outfit after Halloween, avoid heading to a high-street store for your fix. Instead try visiting a charity shop, where you will find a whole host of unexpected things and are guaranteed not to turn up to the party in the same clothes as your friend.

Use make up you already own

Forget face paints which will dry up and irritate your skin. Using items from your (or a loved one’s) make up bag which are designed to be used on the skin, will not only avoid irritation but can still create some awesome looks whilst preventing waste!

Don’t let your pumpkin go to waste

When the tea lights are blown out in our jack-o’lanterns, pumpkins are normally thrown straight into the bin. But there are a number of delicious recipes can be made using your freaky friend. If you don’t fancy a pumpkin pie, pop your pumpkin into a compost heap instead.

Make the most of candlelight

Everybody knows that Halloween is a time for frights, and candlelight is one of the easiest ways to instantly create a spooky atmosphere. Opt for candles instead of electric lights and enjoy the added bonus of reducing energy consumption!

These are just a few simple ideas to help make a difference this Halloween. But at Willshee’s we are dedicated to reducing waste and helping the environment all year long. For more information on how you can get involved, visit our recycling page for a comprehensive list of the materials that we recycle.


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