Solar Panels for Willshee’s New Recycling Centre.

Willshee’s have completed our New Recycling Facility and have committed to make a further significant investment into a New Recycling Centre in Burton-on-Trent, the New building will measure 34 x 27sqmt internal floor space, this will significantly increase our recycling and baling capability.

With-in the New Recycling Centre we have installed a PAAL Konti 600 which is fitted a with ruffle and perforator, the equipment has the baling capacity of over 100,000 tonne of recyclate per annum, and will assist Willshee’s in achieving our 3-year recycling strategy.

The roof is completely covered with solar panels, the electricity generated by the solar panels will be fed directly into the National Grid the green energy produced by the solar panels will go towards the Government achieving its ambitious green energy target which is that 20% of all energy produced in the UK should be renewable energy by 2020.

1st October 2015

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