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In the Wake of the IPCC Report: How You Can Make a Difference with Willshee’s

What is the IPCC Report?

This Monday the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the findings of their study into the effects of climate change. The report revealed the urgent action needed to prevent our planet from complete disaster. When the findings were revealed at the meeting of 195 countries, many delegates were even seen hugging one another and crying after hearing the dire predictions.

The latest report has taken over two years to produce and was originally commissioned by the UN after the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. An assessment of more than 6000 scientific studies compared the effects on the Earth if its temperature were allowed to rise by 1.5C versus 2C.

What did it reveal?

Global temperatures have already increased by 1 degree since preindustrial records and the report concluded that, for a positive future for the planet, global warming must be kept to a maximum of 1.5C- which at our current rate, we are already on track to reach between 2030 and 2052.

Ensuring we keep temperature increases to just 1.5C will be a tough ask as such a limit was at the most ambitious end of the Paris Agreement. However, this half a degree difference could have a seismic impact. At a 2C increase, insects are twice as likely to lose their habitats and 99% of coral will be lost, compared to 90% at a 1.5 increase.

What can we do?

Although the results of the report were worrying, experts have stressed that it’s not too late, stating that instead of being daunted, “this is the moment to act.” The report details that it is possible for the world to keep below the limit.

At Willshee’s we are dedicated to preventing climate change, which is why we are proud to offer a range of recycling services. In the wake of the IPCC report, Willshee’s have put together a list of advice of what we can all do to help slow the rate of global warming.

How to help with Willshee’s

    • Collective action– join local groups dedicated to preventing climate change, encourage fellow environmental activist and give advice and support on recycling.
    • Eat less meat and dairy– livestock are responsible for around 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions and cutting out dairy and meat products could reduce your carbon footprint from food by up to 73%. Even ‘part-time’ veganism can be powerful and help to make more of a difference than you realise.
    • Insulate homes– this will help to reduce the amount of energy required to heat your home, reducing emissions, as well as saving you money!
    • Use renewable energy sources– thanks to developments in technology, solar panels are now a much more affordable option which emit no pollutants and save you money in the long run.
    • Use alternative modes of transport– carpooling, walking, cycling or using public transport are easy changes to make which can substantially reduce your carbon footprint.
    • Use your voice– research into which political parties are pledging to combat climate change and support them in local and national elections.
    • Avoid single use plastic– buy in bulk to avoid single use plastics, always carry a reusable shopping bag and invest in a long-life water bottle and coffee cup.
    • Reduce consumption– try to buy less and buy smartly. Consider purchases beforehand to evaluate their necessity. Choose ethical brands which support the environment and promise a longer life- reducing the frequency of purchasing.
    • Reuse– whether it’s clothes, food or electrical goods, have fun exploring how you could rework your old products! If you no longer have use for something, donate it to your local charity shop to extend its life.
    • Save energy– switch off all appliances at the mains when they are not in use, disconnect phone chargers when no longer needed and turn off lights when leaving a room.
    • Line-dry clothes– not only will this reduce energy consumption, but it will also help to preserve the longevity of your favourite garments which can be damaged by tumble dryers!
    • Take action to save forests– evaluate your current paper usage and see where you could cut down. Make an effort to replant trees in local areas.
    • Eat local, in-season food– eating locally sourced food will eliminate the need for produce to be shipped thousands of miles, reducing pollution.
    • Recycle– Finally, one of the most important yet simplest ways that we can make a difference is recycling. And Willshee’s are here to help with our comprehensive range of recycling services. Take a look at our recycling page to see the full list of what we recycle and find out how you can help!

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