East Staffs awards Willshee’s contract renewal

East Staffordshire Borough Council has awarded Willshee’s Ltd a new long term contract. The service Willshee’s provide is the bulking up of  East Staffs curb-side household waste and recyclable materials, Willshee’s deliver full loads of the recyclable materials to a near by recycling sorting plant, whilst the non recyclable materials are delivered to a waste to energy plant, giving a zero waste to landfill solution.

For the bulk deliveries Willshee’s use Titan walking floor trailers which are 4.5 tonne lighter than the equivalent ejector trailer and therefore give additional payload and maximum fuel efficiency. The contract renewal was awarded to Willshee’s Ltd following a formal tender process, the renewal of this contract is testament to the high level of service Willshee’s have provide to East Staffordshire Borough Council over the past 12 years.

1st April 2016

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